Photographer Renelle Rampersad has always had a keen interest in the creative world and began to pursue this as a career option when she studied fine art at Technikon Natal, in Durban, South Africa. Her outgoing personality and desire to be hands on in any of her chosen projects have made her a firm favourite with magazine and media clients.

Renelle is an accomplished cook, utilising her love of art in her colourful dishes; an avid reader, she often refers to writers who enthuse her photography; she practices yoga, enjoying movement as a further form of self-expression. Her love of travel has taken her across the globe, exploring Asia, Europe, Mauritius and the USA in pursuit of new inspiration to inform her professional life.

Published work: Cleo, Conde Nast House & Garden, Food and Home Entertaining, Garden and Home, GQ, Glamour, Wanted, Live out Loud, Living and Loving, Mamas & Papas, Oprah, Real, True Love, Style.

References: Dheshnie Naidoo, Geraldine Naidoo, Kim Cupido, Mark Lanning, Tess Paterson.

Influential Women In Photography

For Women's Month, eimage chatted to Renelle to find out more about her background in photography.

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